Motor for elevator door machine

女人天堂Focus on the motor elevator industry for decades, according to customer demand, design different voltage, speed, torque motor, and different mechanical installation size. Production of GB7588, EN81, CE, UL and other standards of the motor. Motor types include: ac servo motor, three-phase inverter motor, speed motor, dc motor and other products.

Ac servo motor

女人天堂Wide coverage of specifications and models, to meet the requirements of customized design, flexible supporting a variety of precision feedback components and control systems. It can meet the requirements of higher motion control performance: higher power density and torque density, wider and smoother speed range, large torque inertia ratio fast. Good responsiveness, high control characteristics of continuity and linearity, short - time overload ability

Brushless dc motor

Adopt high performance ndfeb permanent magnet material, small size, long life. High power density, high efficiency, lower inertia, faster response speed, high torque/inertia ratio; Higher torque/volume ratio; Optimum pole slot matching, magnetic steel shape, stator tooth shape optimization, tooth slot torque is small; At higher speeds, they can also run silently; Heat - resistant pressure characteristics are ideal for medical applications. High reliability and high speed performance.

Dc motor

女人天堂High linear precision of output voltage and speed; High slope of output characteristics; Output voltage ripple is small; Positive and reverse output characteristics of the two directions are consistent and good; The asymmetry of output voltage is small. The influence of temperature change on output characteristics is small. Small insensitive area.

Decelerating motor

女人天堂It has strong interchangeability and generality, low noise, reliable operation and convenient use. Users can customize the design according to the speed and torque requirements

Dc speed measuring unit

There are two kinds of dc speed-measuring generators, permanent magnet and electromagnetic. Its structure is similar to the dc generator. The main advantages of dc tachometer generator are: when the output is zero, there is no residual voltage; The output slope is large, the load resistance is small; Temperature compensation is easier.

Hollow cup motor

女人天堂With good start characteristics, smooth speed regulation characteristics, mainly used in the drive system and servo control system, as well as each automatic control and control field. It has the advantages of high efficiency, small iron loss, good guiding performance, long service life, fast response and small inertia.

Drive controller

女人天堂Can be customized according to customer needs, taiping door machine controller set more than 20 years of experience in door machinery, to provide the best "door motor + controller" supporting solutions, to achieve "adaptive, free from learning" control.

Application field

Products are widely used, mainly used in aerospace, rail transit, medical equipment, robots, intelligent detection and other fields


Taiping electric has established cooperative relations or strategic cooperative relations with many famous enterprises at home and abroad

Enterprise honor

With provincial high-tech research and development center, enterprise technology center, post-doctoral workstation; More than 60 research and development patents and other honors

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